Quicker defect detecting saves you time

Flink2Go is the fastest way to record defects. It gives an overview of all construction defects and serves as a foundation for an unambiguous audit for the warranty. Flink2Go enables a complete, fixed and unchangeable documentation, which prevents expensive evidence proceedings when necessary.

The recording of defects can be done directly on the construction site with a mobile phone or tablet as well as on a computer in the office. Time-consuming reports and notes with a pen and paper are no longer necessary:

  • 70% Error reduction in logging
  • 75% Automation of documentation
  • 80% Time savings in defects recording
  • 90% Time savings in communication
  • 98% Satisfaction of all participants

Detect construction defects incredibly fast - with Flink2Go

Your Features

Simple, Quick and Intuitive Usability

Everyone can use it instantly! Suitable prefilled text blocks are given based on the current scanned product while input is intelligently prefilled to save time.

All Devices

You can use Flink2Go on all of your devices, no matter if you prefer to work on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With or Without Internet

You can work from anywhere even without having an internet connection and therefore you have access to all the data and files of the construction project at any time.


Flink2Go supports BIM and ensures clear communication, visually displayed positioning and precise information.

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